Dogfish Head Raison D’Extra

I just saw this review over at Legal Beer of Dogfish Head‘s Raison D’Etre. That “deep mahogany” beer has inspired me to pull out a bottle of their other, stronger raisin beer, Raison D’Extra. They haven’t released this since March of 2007 so this bottle has had a little while to age.

This one pours a thickly hazy dark reddish-brown, almost maroon, with some creamy straw head. On the nose is strong booze with a raisin character, quite reminiscent of port. Somewhat sweet, there are also major oak and caramel aromas. This is a thick, complex aroma you could study carefully.

The flavor begins with a sharp, but not unpleasant alcohol bite and a sweet, oak-raisin fullness. The bite fades to a warming and the sweetness to fruity yeast character and strong brown malt and brown sugar flavors: rich caramel and biscuit, some toast.

While D’Extra is quite sweet, it is also very strongly carbonated so it still seems relatively lively and light. The (18%+) alcohol invigorates every part of your senses: first the nose, then the lips and front of the tounge, and finally the roof of the mouth and the back of the throat. This is quite a beer to sip and share on a cold late fall evening such as this.

++Dogfish Head Raison D’Extra

RateBeer: 4.1 (3-9-7-5-17)

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  1. Beckel says:

    Hopefully they continue to brew the Raison D’Extra, would love to have the opportunity to try it someday. I’m sure the stronger version brings out some very unique robust flavors, though it will undoubtedly be something to drink slowly.

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