Mystery Homebrew 2nd Edition

It’s been a while since I tried some mystery homebrew left over from a competition. I had three bottles tonight.

The first one had the letters “BK” on the cap. It poured a somewhat hazy caramel amber with a thick tan – almost golden – head. The aroma was light and fruity, like mangoes and red oranges. The flavor was dry and bitter. Subdued hop flavors (herbal and lemon) play on the tip of my tongue as well as the very back. There is a sweeter fruitiness in the middle. Some caramel malt flavor comes through. This beer is very effervescent: I’m burping alot. The palate is dry and lively, with a big mouthfeel that is almost thick. This beer is clearly quite alcoholic. Probably an IPA.

+Mystery Beer #4

RateBeer: 3.4 (4-6-7-4-13)

The second beer was bottled in a recycled Sam Adams bottle. It is a golden yellow, barely hazy, with an extremely active carbonation. The head is thick, creamy, and straw. A playful, lightly fruity and herbal nose probably of Glacier hops. I smell lemons, kiwis, and orange blossoms. The flavor is very bitter, unpleasantly so. There is a thick herbal character as well. This one’s much too carbonated, and probably also an IPA.

+/-Mystery Beer #5

RateBeer: 3.0 (4-8-5-2-11)

The last homebrew tonight poured an opal straw with some white head. The nose was some sweet corn and lots of cardboard. The flavor is also corny and cardboardy, with some mustiness as well. It is very cloying.

-Mystery Beer #6

RateBeer: 2.1 (3-3-5-2-8)

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