12 Beers of X-Mas: Oppigårds Winter Ale

I know I have been slow with updates. Well… deal with it.

This evening I had a bottle of Oppigårds Winter ale. It is brewed by the Oppigårds Bryggeri in Hedemora, Sweden. It pours a lightly hazy mahogany with some straw head. The aroma is light: light with alcohol, light with hops, light with spices like coriander. There is also a bit of medicinal phenol aroma.

The flavor is refreshing and light, with a playful carbonation. There is a slight sharpness (perhaps alcohol) on the front and sides of the tongue. There is a strong hop bitterness on the middle and just a hint of sweetness at the back. There is a bit of a roast character as well. Overall the taste is balanced and smooth, a bit too smooth.

+Oppigårds Winter Ale

3.4 (3-6-7-4-14)

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