Ommegang Hennepin

In upstate New York in an idyllic farmland lies a brewery that looks like it belongs a hemisphere away. If you went by without any context, you might not even realize it was a brewery. Unlike any other American brewery (at least any built in the last two decades), Brewery Ommegang looks beautiful. This appreciation of aesthetic is surely the future of classy beer, and something I am personally concerned with, but I digress.

From Brewery Ommegang comes a serious saison, Hennepin. This beer pours a light straw with just a hint of haze. The head, bone white, is soft and pillowy. This beer exudes a delicate but powerful aroma: slightly sweet and floral, balanced by mustiness and a bit of a pepper character.

The flavor is also somewhat sweet, but not too much so. It is floral, with a pronounced earthy, dusty flavor. The alcohol (7.7%) makes itself known to you with a significant warming sensation. The palate is creamy yet lively, full and round.

The brewery’s website claims that “[i]t’s true: no matter where you are, Hennepin is the perfect ale for all seasons.” It’s true. This beer is way too sessionable. I need that, given the negative whatsits temperature out.

+Ommegang Hennepin

3.7 (4-7-7-4-15)

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