Watou Tripel

Watou TripelFrom Br. St. Bernard in the brewer’s town of Watou, Belgium I have a bottle of Watou Tripel. I am not exactly sure the difference between this and the St. Bernardus Tripel, but my impression is that this one is just a little milder. I hope they don’t complain that I’m serving it in a glass from another Watou brewery.

The Tripel pours a very hazy orange-tinted golden. It is quite active, and the bubbles push around some unpleasant-looking chunks. While the bubbles on bottom are a little large, the top of the head is quite pillowy and creamy. On the nose are notes of alcohol, some sharp fruity esters, a bit of banana and clove, and some black pepper. There is a hint of sweetness.

The taste is somewhat off-putting: a bit medicinal, with some sweetness, some banana, and strong alcohol. The alcohol comes off both as a peppery warming of ethanol (the good stuff) as well as strong characteristics of fusel alcohols, the longer chains of carbon that lead to hangovers. The sharp, solventy, slightly fruity flavor puts you off for a reason. It’s dangerous to drink too much. The palate is quite creamy, a bit sweet, bordering on cloying. I am relatively unimpressed by this selection.

+/-Watou Tripel

2.5 (2-6-4-3-10)

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