Newcastle in a can?

Newcastle Brown AleYes, it is true, straight out of Pineapple Express. I’m excited cause it means I can have this decent brown without the skunk flavor that pervades the bottled version.

From Scottish & Newcastle, Newcastle pours a ruddy brown, quite clear, with a bit of creamy tan head. The nose is fairly malty, with notes of caramel and toast. There is a prominent cooked corn sweetness to the aroma, indicating dimethyl sulfide(DMS). Some consider this an integral part of the character of certain beers, but I’d call it a flaw.

The flavor is strongly corny, with a bit of malt in the background and prominent sweetness. There is just a hint of dark malt character coming off as a bit of roastiness. The palate is smooth and creamy, almost satiny.

-Newcastle Brown Ale

2.9 (3-6-5-4-11)

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2 Responses to “Newcastle in a can?”

  1. jeff zdunek says:

    im not particularly sure why imported newcastle is thought to be a great beer by the 20-30 yr old Upper Crust. probably marketing. i think it fails the same way fat tire fails…too sweet. not malty. sweet. blech.

  2. couchand says:

    Yeah, it is in the same group of “classy” import beers as Stella and Heineken.

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