Session #27: Beer Karma

session_logoThe Session is a monthly beer-themed blog-off. This month is hosted by Joe and Jasmine of Beer at Joe’s. The theme is beer cocktails. The roundup is hosted here. Jasmine writes, “Our chosen topic is…beer cocktails. Most people have had a black & tan, which is a combination of two kinds of beer and think it’s pretty tasty. Most people have heard of a Shandy, beer with lemonade or soda added, and think it’s not so tasty. But beer cocktails go far beyond these two famous examples.”

I have to continue the proud tradition of slightly off-question Session posts. I’m not tasting a beer, rather offering an anecdote.

Late one night, returning to the hostel (by the Hauptbahnhof in Munich) after a night of intense partying, my roommates (a pair of Aussies) and I waited for the elevator. When the door opened we discovered most of a case of beer. For context: most beer in Germany is sold in returnable plastic crates that are not as focused on marketing as the packaging here: they usually only say the brewery name.

Here’s the part I’m ashamed about. The whole place was dead, so we figured someone had drunkenly left it and wouldn’t miss it. We carried it back with us and proceeded to consume.

None of us got more than a sip or two down before we were repulsed. It wasn’t beer, the national drink of Germany. It was some sort of demented beer and cola combination (I think it’s called a radler). Rest assured we returned the case promptly.

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