Kerry and Crapo suggest craft BEER

Call your senator and tell them to support the Brewer’s Employment and Excise Relief Act (BEER Act), sponsored by John Kerry and Mike Crapo. This bill would lower the excise tax for small breweries.

Microbreweries would see it halved, from $7 per barrel (31 gallons) to just $3.50 per barrel. The larger small brewers would see the regular rate of $18 reduced to $16 a barrel, on their production from sixty thousand to six million barrels a year. I take it that the standard $18 rate would apply above that.

Also, this source claims the bill would “incentivize states to produce crops used in beer, like barley and hops.” Though that sounds like a wonderful idea, I don’t see any such provisions in the version I found.

This article has a great picture of Kerry raising a frosty glass of amber beer in front of a Huber sign. The text of the bill is available from John Kerry’s site (PDF).

Also, I take issue with the name. It should be Brewers’.

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