Peace Tree Imperial Stout

Tonight I am going to try the new imperial stout from Peace Tree Brewing Company in Knoxville, Iowa.

The Imperial Stout pours a deep, dark black color, with a generous amount of creamy, sepia-tone head. The nose is very light. A bit of caramel malt, and some roast malt adds a burnt character. There is a bit of a fruity yeast aroma as well.

The flavor is much cleaner than you would expect from an imperial stout. The malt flavor is sweet to the point of being cloying. Much too much caramel malt and far too little roasted barley makes this beer just sweet and not very stout. The only strong flavor is the yeast fruitiness, entirely inappropriate for the style.

This beer is lacking any real character, and the sweetness makes it unpalatable. Do yourself a favor and just get the Gumbo Stout or the Imperial IPA instead.

-Peace Tree Imperial Stout

2.8 (4-7-5-1-11)

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4 Responses to “Peace Tree Imperial Stout”

  1. MetsFanVI says:

    Wow. I couldn’t disagree more. The one I had was very good. Similar to the Gumbo Stout but much richer. I’ll have to go back and try another one.

  2. couch says:

    Is yours the same batch as mine (JK112010)? I will also certainly try another one. Anybody have a batch that’s not JK112010? I’ll gladly trade any of my highly coveted cellared beers for a different batch.

  3. MetsFanVI says:

    I’ll have to check. I’ve bought bottles at two separate locations (Johncy’s in North Liberty and Dirty John’s).

  4. MetsFanVI says:

    All my bottles are from JK112010 as well.

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