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Kelso IPA

Friday, July 15th, 2011

The smallest brewery in Brooklyn is known as Kelso. Tonight I will be drinking their India pale ale from a growler I got at Bierkraft. This IPA is made with the New Zealand hop variety Nelson Sauvin which imparts an interesting floral or fruity character. It is also a cask ale, meaning the carbonation level is relatively low (as compared with modern beers) and it’s unfiltered.

Kelso’s IPA is a very hazy goldenrod beer. Due to the low carbonation there is almost no head. It almost looks like a cider. The aroma is very strong with floral and fruity hops and a strange fruit character that I cannot identify, but am very interested by. There is also just a bit of a pale caramel malt sweetness to the aroma.

The flavor is likewise pretty hoppy. There is a significant floral hop flavor, as well as more of the strange fruitiness. This IPA isn’t all that bitter, but rather quite balanced. The caramel malt makes itself known in the flavor as well, contributing breadiness and a faint taste of caramel. It actually may be a little too sweet, especially since there isn’t much carbonation to provide balance. Overall this one is a very drinkable yet flavorful India pale ale.

+Kelso IPA

3.8 (4-8-7-3-16)