Note on the Scales

I rate the beers in two ways: my own simple scale and the RateBeer system.

My own Rating system is pretty intuitive.

This must be one of the best beers I’ve ever had. I’d go to great lengths to get this again.

This beer was good. I’ll get it again.

It’s alright. Nothing offensive. I won’t turn it down if you’d like to buy me one.

Not very good. There must be some major fault.

Wow that was awful. Pour it down the drain.

The RateBeer system is more complicated. The score is divided into five categories: appearance (5 pts), aroma (10 pts), flavor (10 pts), palate (5 pts), and overall (20 pts). These are then added up and the total divided by ten to get a rating out of 5. I will usually post my score breakdown afterwards as (Ap-Ar-Fl-Pa-Ov).