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Boulevard Single-Wide IPA

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

Released this year, Single-Wide is the newest offering from Boulevard Brewing Company out of Kansas City, Missouri. It is the metaphorical little brother of Double-Wide, their double IPA in the so-called Smokestack series. Boulevard points out that they use six varieties of hops, which you’ll note is twice the number of hop additions for Miller Lite.

2009-03-29-single-wideThe aroma of Single-Wide is at first floral and grassy like a field left fallow, but it is also subtly fruity. Identifying the fruit is challenging: apricots or peaches, some mango. While thick and complex, the nose is quite subtle – it requires concentration to bring out all the character. This ale is barely hazy, the color of a golden poppy, with creamy white head.

A taste brings pronounced bitterness on the tip of the tongue, with patience revealing a caramel malt driven flavor and body that balances. The bitterness grows more mild and spreads around the mouth, bringing with it a strong floral hop flavor. Some fruit character is present as well, manifesting as dark fruit such as pomegranate. The body is significant, with a bit of lingering caramel sweetness. Hop bitterness lingers towards the back of the mouth.

Overall I am very pleased with this beer. It is definitely an IPA, but its also quite sessionable. I am also happy that it’s not just half the recipe of Double-Wide. For that matter happy it’s not just a strong version of the Boulevard Pale Ale. Really happy that it’s their new permanent brew.

+Boulevard Single-Wide IPA

4.0 (4-8-8-4-16)