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Two Hearted Ale

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

Note that unlike every other beer made by Bell’s Brewery (other than those labeled Kalamazoo), this beer is not Bell’s Two Hearted, but rather simply Two Hearted Ale. It is an IPA brewed to 7% alcohol, but delicate enough to be sessionable.

Two Hearted pours a thoroughly opal gamboge, an almost mustard yellow color. The head is thick but lacy, straw-colored, and lasts quite a while, forming a mushroom in the center. The hop aroma is strong enough that you don’t even need to lean in. Supremely floral, strong rose and orange blossoms predominate. Some grapefruit shines through as well.

While the flavor is unmistakably bitter, it is not as intense as many American IPAs. Floral hop flavor, light citric fruitiness, and a faint tartness make up the immediate impression. The bitterness comes afterward with the liveliness of the carbonation and a slight sweetness to balance.

++Two Hearted Ale

RateBeer: 4.0 (4-8-8-3-17)